Remembering the Old Stardoll...

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Hey Dolls, 

Stardoll was created around 2007, and a lot of dolls who have been here for a while have watched Stardoll really transition and grow. I asked a few dolls from my club, StarBlogging what they remember from the old times on Stardoll. Let's see what they had to say... 

Eleesy: "I remember Starmovies. It was a bit like stop motion where you could make movies with dolls and fashion."

Exordium: "I remember the old pink and purple layout!"

Dadlu_Phen: "I remember when we could trade Starcoins to Stardollars."

CuteHeart1: "I still remember our old suites. I also remember the old Stardoll's clothes- really poor graphics and black outlines. I still have a few pieces myself, and I just love looking at them becasue they leave me so nostaligic."

Finleigh63...: "I remember the time before StarDesign hair when wigs were made from jewelery and instead of face contour hair/StarPlaza masks, blush and 'face paint' were used instead!"

Courtsdiva97: "I remember when there were only a small selection of skintones to select from, and how impressed we all were by Stardoll when they added the skintone gradient to the beauty parlor!"

What do you remember from the old-days?