Style Icons on Stardoll: S8N

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Today, I am here with yet another amazing Stardoll Style Icon. This time, I'm here with S8N! His style is a little more unique and different from what we typically see on Stardoll. Whether you share a smiliar style to him or not, I'm sure you'll find it interesting. 


How long have you been on Stardoll?
8 years

Since joining Stardoll, how has your style evolved?
On Stardoll, I went from the emo phase almost everyone went through back in 2011, to mixing different types of styles now.

What would you say your "Style" is?
It’s a mixture of traditional goth, cyber goth, and dirtcore.

Is your style in real life similar to your style on Stardoll? If not, how is it different + why do you think you style yourself differently than you do your doll? 

My doll is almost a replica of how I look like in real life. However, I sometimes wear spiked platform boots and streetwear. 

Who is your style icon in real life?
Salvjiia, a transgender woman who makes up eerie and “alien” like looks.

If you could only shop in one store on SD and in real life for the rest of your life, where would it be & why?

On Stardoll, it’d be StarDesign because sometimes people make interesting pieces. In real life, FTP because I admire the brand and my favorite rappers wear it.


 So, who should I interview next? 





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