Need some Good Vibes? #doll4doll

9 منذ أشهر

Hey dolls!

There's nothing more important to us here at Stardoll than our fabulous dolls and the stylish and supportive community you make up. We cannot tell you enough how awesome you are! <3 However, we feel there's always room for more love on the site.

Today, we're launching our new campaign #doll4doll, which will focus on bringing more positivity to Stardoll, and we need you all to get involved! To help you get started, we've created some special challenges (and rewards!) based around friendship and encouragement.

Check out our special Star Academy quest "For the love of dolls<3". Make some new friends and then get creative in Star Design to earn your own "Good Vibes" installation for your Suite.

If you're still up for a challenge, swing by our contest page and take part in our special Shout-Out contest for a chance to win an item from your Wishlist.

Finally, look out for special #doll4doll posts from our Starblog team throughout the week, focusing on BFFs, positivity and all the things we can do to keep Stardoll a fun and happy place for all of us dolls!

Have an awesome week ;)

Isobel xo



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