It's All About the Pastels

35 منذ أشهر

Hi all, Alice here! 

Stardoll surprised us with the release of Bonjour Bizou and it was inspired by the fashion of the glorious Cannes Film Festival. One thing they definitely noticed was the use of pastel colours- that's right, it's all about the pastels! 

Stars such as Amal Clooney, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts and Araya A. Hargate stunned on the red carpet in gorgeous pastels, including cream, coral, light yellow etc. 

Bonjour Bizou definitely picked up on that this time around so here are two outfits I have put together:


Item Details:

Cannes Bikini Top | 14sd

Ribbed Crop Tank Top | 14sd

Cannes Bikini Bottoms | 140sc

Dual Layer Tartan Belt | 7sd

Blue Suede Stilettos | 12sd



Item Details:

French Riviera Trousers | 18sd

DG Inspired Daisy Dress | 20sd (Superstar Only)

Dual Layer Tartan Belt | 7sd


This collection from Bonjour Bizou is probably my favourite to-date, so I suggest you check it out! 

- Alice

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