• Callie.Stardoll

    We are so sad our live chat is over but want to give a HUGE thanks to Emily Osment, she was so great!!! Make sure to check her out at http://officialemilyosment.com/ and http://twitter.com/emilyosment and we hope to have her back soon!

    Callie.Stardoll60 ay önce
  • 16281237 DEL

    Are you goin to do a tour?

    16281237 DEL60 ay önce
  • Emily Osment60 ay önce
  • 75839440 DEL

    i really want to become an actress what was your first acting experience?

    75839440 DEL60 ay önce
  • Emily Osment60 ay önce
  • Liv4volleyball

    Are you and Mitchell Musso Dating

    Liv4volleyball60 ay önce
  • Emily Osment60 ay önce
  • 12549369 DEL

    Hi Emiily ! Do you like Justin Bieber ? ♥:):D
    Emily you can speak Spanish ?

    12549369 DEL60 ay önce
  • Emily Osment60 ay önce
  • selenalover96

    have u ever lost ur vocie on stage???

    p.s. ur team edward or jacob????

    selenalover9660 ay önce
  • Emily Osment60 ay önce
Emily Osment is best-known for playing Lilly Truscott on Disney Channel’s Emmy-nominated Hannah Montana and Gerti Giggles in the Spy Kids movie sequels. She is also an accomplished musician, whose mom first taught her to play guitar, and wrote most of the songs on her Wind-up Records debut album, Fight or Flight. The album’s title, Fight or Flight, reflects Emily’s own lofty ambitions to achieve simultaneous success in two very competitive fields.