Stardoll Diaries: HATECHAINMAILS

We're very proud and excited to present this next episode of Stardoll Diaries with the delightful HATECHAINMAILS. <br/><br/>Get to know why the reason for the username and how Stardoll helped her to find true passion in life! <br/><br/>Check out Josefina's writing on Underneath Stardoll: <br/><br/>www.underneathstardoll.net <br/><br/>Stardoll is a world of Fame, Fashion & Friends. Create, style and dress up your own virtual doll in the largest and most popular online fashion game. With over 400 million dolls in our community, the possibilities are endless. You can be a designer, stylist, interior decorator, makeup artist or everything at once! Explore your creativity and express your unique style on http://www.stardoll.com


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Oh la la, those suites!

SerenaSparks77's suites are chic, original, and filled with interesting details. Visit her: http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=367969452