How and where did you get discovered?

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  • I was doing in Melbourne Australia and I met a guy from the Shock Records, who ended up signing me and releasing my album All The Way.
    Then I met my friend Stephen who was playing with No Doubt. They were on tour. I was at their concert with a friend, and we scored back stage passes. I became friends with Stephen, who plays the trumpet with No Doubt, and we decided to do some tracks together. we made the song Rock N Roll Girl, which has become the song for Stardoll, now called Superstar Girl and also a track called Dress Me Up. We have more coming soon!

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  • 73362964 DEL

    hi,do you have any fashion tips

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  • My fashion tip is always, wear great shoes and you get away with cheap clothes! mix and match.!!! It's all about the shoes.

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  • Sweetiepiepeach

    cc wats ur favorite music?

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  • LMFAO is my favourite band at the moment.They are from LA. I love their music because it is fun party upbeat style. And they are funny.

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  • iluvmccain

    IS it hard to write songs?

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  • No it's fun! sometimes it's hard if you think "ok today I have to write a hit" it doesn't really work like that. You can't force it. You just have to record your ideas as they come to you.

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  • AngelHoneiy

    is your hair really orange?

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  • yes! I am a natural red head, but I dyed it super bright orange. But at the moment it is more blonde, just for a change for the summer :) It's hard to maintain bright hair! it takes a lot regular trips to the hairdresser! I used to go every 3 weeks. Thanks Y Salon, in Australia

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  • juliatheweirdo

    Have you ever thought of coming out with your own clothing line?

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  • yes i would love to do that. I used to stay up sewing all night when i was in high school. But i wasn't very good on the sewing machine. So i stuck to writing songs.

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