Stardoll's #asknoelani Episode 7 Meet more Stardoll staff!

This week Noelani talks about The Jet Set and all the other collections of this week. We also get to meet another member of the Stardoll staff, our lovely copyrighter Fanny! If you love fame, fashion and friends, Stardoll is the game for you. The world's largest and most popular online fashion community offers teens and tweens a place to express their creativity and manage their own virtual fashion world. Stardoll lets players be truly unique and explore their creativity by styling both themselves and their surroundings. Members create and style a Stardoll in all the latest fashion and makeup, decorate a variety of homes and sell their own fashion designs. With regular fashion, decor and design releases, members engage in a game play designed to inspire and encourage creativity and friendships with other players from around the world http://www.stardoll.com

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MSW Makeup tutorial!

Check out this amazing makeup tutorial by HUNKYDORYs http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=169409078