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    Ever feel like metallics can be really tough to style in your outfit? Click through to find out how to do this cool trend!!
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    <button class="btn-purple btn" onclick="location.href='../../../starplaza.php?startItemIds=46603,56682,56688,36545,57558,56702,56928,51421,56569,52313,44037,56068,51416,36552,55834,51390'"><span>Get my look!</span></button>

    Aquamarine: an almost neon, piercing blue--- just the right color to match island vacation seas, or for any old time you please!

    Click through to read more about this hot trend!
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    Playsuits are all the rage these days, and we put the best to the test!

    Click through to read more about my trendy finds!
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    Something is about to dock on the Starplaza shores...
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    The wedding season is upon us!  And if your calendar is booked up with as many weddings as mine is, you should check out Starplaza now!  For just one week only some of the most popular wedding dresses of all time will be available!  Look in the just released window in Starplaza to find them.
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    Hey Dollies! First of all I would like to apologise quickly as I have not been able to post a starblog entry for around a month as I have been revising and studying for school at home. Also, dance commitments meant I also struggled to find time for anything else! I am now officially back and active on stardoll both as a regular member and hopefully a starbloggist. Anyway, today's post is a quick preview of my upcoming series of posts that each will contain a different aspect of the current spring trends. So, for the first post I have put together this black and white outfit which is very trendy right now and will work well during the spring time period. I hope you like this outfit and all of the items are starcoins so this is a "Non SS" look.

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    Hi! AliceIzzy454 here! As requested I have done starcoin outfits. Sorry if the outfits appear small. All items can be found in the Starplaza.


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    I love the way she`s used Velvet Orchid`s lace arm jacket underneath the dress to create a whole new dress which is classy and pretty at the same time. She`s used some cute red wedges to add colour to the outfit which I love and a small simple bag which balances the outfit out. She`s also used a tiny studded braclet to add a finishing touch. Well done queen197 - you`ve really hit the nail on the head! I`ll be looking for more cute and clever outfits so dress up your doll and you may end up in the StarBlog! Hope you enjoyed reading,

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    Hello, dollies! Most of you have probably noticed that the new LE season has just come out! The collection is filled with many lovely pieces this time around, and I'm very excited about them all! My two favorite pieces from the collection are the LE Spike tee and the quilted flounce skirt. I have nothing but great things to say about the new Limited Edition! If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely go have a look at it. Make sure you're quick, or it might be too late! The pieces are selling out fast! Here are several of the new, wanted items!