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    Write and save your presentation on your My Page.
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    Click the save button to register changes to your Suite.
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    Take and save a picture using the camera in your Suite.
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    Style and save your own MeDoll.
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    Design and save a Scenery.
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    Purchase an item from the Starplaza.
  • Stylist To The Stars2
    Play dress up with a celebrity doll and save the doll.


Amanda Michalka 2
Celebrity look-a-like:
Amanda Michalka 2
Favorite celebrity:
Lucy Hale
Favorite music:
Favorite movie genre:
Favorite food:
Ice cream
Favorite color:
Ice blue
Future dream job:
No statement made!
Favorite TV-show:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Favorite hobby:
Friends & Family

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