STARDOLL - THE PERFECT GIFT! Style for all seasons

What is a Stardoll Prepaid Card?

Stardoll Prepaid Cards could be bought in Best Buy, Target, selected Wal-Marts and Toys R Us (amongst others) across the USA, in WH Smith and Clinton card stores in the UK and in Toys R Us, Macs, Needs and Safeway across Canada. Stardoll Cards are a great way to either buy Stardollars for yourself, give them as a gift to friends who are on Stardoll or friends you want to see on Stardoll soon!

What can I buy with my Stardoll Card?

Stardoll cards give you both lots of Stardollars and Superstar status. As a Superstar you have full access to everything on the site, special privileges in designing and selling your own original clothing, first access to the newest Stardolls and to latest collections from Real and virtual Brands – and with the Stardoll Cards you will have the Stardollars to take advantage of all there is on offer.

How do I redeem my Stardoll Card?

Once you've purchased a Stardoll Card, you are just a few easy steps away from redeeming your Stardollars:
Scratch off the silver covering on the back of the card to see your pin code. Then go to Stardoll, log-in (or create an account if you don't have one) and click "Add (on the upper right, next to your Avatar). Click on the "Stardoll Card" and enter the pin code. The Stardollars will appear in your purse.


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