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    Under a full moon this Halloween do the doors of the dark side open to Dollies everywhere... but oh what to wear? Muahaha, never fear, fashionistas--- Tingeling Halloween Couture is back from the undead!
  • Amber_DollAmber_Doll


    I came across a lot of great dolls this week and I'd love to feature them all but I can't so here were some that stood out!

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    Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a great day and I hope you get the chance to get a lot of candy! Halloween is that time of year to get dress up in something scary, or something that you wouldn't usually wear in public and go around the neighborhood collecting candy from your neighbors. I've been looking around Stardoll for some great costumes and I think I pretty great ones!


  • Amber_DollAmber_Doll


    In my last blog I gave you the opportunity to feature in the starblog by showing me your Halloween style dolls or suite. There were a lot of great submissions but here are some of my favourites!

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    24 months ago 160 comment(s)

    Hope you enjoy it and happy Halloween for Wednesday and here is a photo of my doll in one of my Otherworldly rooms.

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    Can you believe it's already Halloween time? My parents give me the safety talk every year since I began going door to door with my friends instead of them.

  • Amber_DollAmber_Doll


    It's that time of year again where stardoll members have an excuse to show off their talent and creativity. Last year I came across some great Halloween costumes on stardoll and with the introduction of stardesign jewellery and hair I'm sure this years costumes will be even better!

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    I sit by the oak tree. It's a cold, windy day. The colorful leaves are taken by the wind, swept away to the otherside of the road. Childeren are playing happily in the field, laughing there time away. I smile. And I know, that autumn has finally come.

  • MakeupBerriesMakeupBerries


    Hello everyone! Today I have decided to do some Halloween makovers using makeup in the starplaza. They are all really simple, and if requested I will make a tutorial. :)

    Pumpkin pie
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    With Halloween just around the corner I decided to show your guys some tips on some halloween looks!

    I desided to design my make up to look as scary and gothic as possible to match my halloween costume.

    This Halloween I wanted to go out tricle treating as an Angel of Darkness, from Wizards of Waverly Place.