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    Printed bottoms are are super cute and easy to style!

  • allgerman123allgerman123


    I hope everyone likes these outfits I chose in SC!  
  • GaGaLuv3rGaGaLuv3r


    I love looking at new outfits, and discovering new styles! It’s one of the reasons why I love Stardoll! Here are a few outfits which I really love, and that I could imagine myself wearing one day! 

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    Sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration, and I'm here to day with a post that I hope will help  people with creating more of their own fantastic outfits! I've saved all my doll's outfits for the last week, and have chosen my favorites to share with you. I hope you enjoy. Tell me what you think of them & if you want more of these kinds of posts in my guestbook! :)

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    Hello Dollies! I hope you love these fashion and oufit planning tips.


    1) When planning a glam outfit: Keep it simple and don't overdo it
    2) Use cute accessories to polish up your look
    3) Keep your makeup focused on either eyes or lips. Never both!
    4) Add a nice hairstyle ( loose bun or curly hair ) will finish it off.

    1) When designing an outfit: Choose any piece of clothing in your closet ( like,a blouse) 
    2) Add another piece ( of you chose a blouse add a pant or skirt )
    3) Now try finding a nice jacket that complements the outfit so far made
    4) Then go wild with accessories! Add shoes, bracelets, bags, necklaces...
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    Winter Days

    30 months ago 388 comment(s)

     Out first look is one that can be worn any day. I call this look, "A Day Out In The Town".This outfit is cozy enough to keep your medoll warm in this cold season. It's not a 'wow' outfit, but just a casual outfit that suits this season.

  • sparklewand12sparklewand12


    There are so many wonderful styles that I see on Stardoll everyday, and one individual who I always see looking great is elebachia:

  • Cherryminnie12Cherryminnie12


    Hey dollies :) Today's post is based on an outfit that I have created fitting in with the festive season. It is avaliable for superstars only however because it is only the bag that is in stardollars this outfit could be chnaged slightly so that any member can wear it! So the items seen in this outfit are:

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    I've been looking around Stardoll and have seen some really cool and interesting outfits made with starcoins only, and I thought I should try it out to.

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    Hey everybody! I know that summer is coming up, and i decided to do this post on a beautiful summer outfit! I think this is perfect for going to the beach and looking glamorous at the same time! Here you go: