• Glam.DiamondGlam.Diamond


    Hi Stardoll readers,


    Valentine's Day is only but a few weeks away. Now, most of us will simply go to a Store, get a card and that's it. But, there's more to it than just a simple card. Most teenagers and even adults like Home made/ Hand made items done by the ones they love and I'm here sharing with you a few ideas of what to do.

  • Nellabella1000Nellabella1000


    Hey dollies! Sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks. I've been really busy with school & dance. But don't worry! I'll try to post much more now. :) As promised, I am back with another organizing tip! This time, I'll help you organize all of your medoll's makeup, hair dye, and mostly anything beauty-related! 


    Here is how my beauty parlor is organized:

  • ButterflyppButterflypp


    1-Check the mini-tutorial & the Help section in your suite: there's a mini-tutorial on how to start things up, you can find FAQs in the Help Section & some information about what to do. you can also send a message to the Stardoll Staff if your answer wasn't there.
  • vikkiVICIOUSvikkiVICIOUS


    Hello, unfortunately this will be one of my last posts for the StarBlog and I've decided to go out with the topic i started with "Sweet Suite Ideas". I've loved writing for you all and I hope you've enjoyed reading my posts but now is the time for new starbloggers to shine, maybe one day I'll be back but for now it's goodbye!

  • sparklewand12sparklewand12


    Recently I've become much more interested in Stardoll interior design, and I wanted to show you this wonderful room design by Miver:

  • Lay-CeyLay-Cey


    Yet again I am featuring a talented designer - suheily90 - but this time I will be featuring an inteirior item instead of the usual fashion items. As you will notice from the picture there are two magazine covers. The first caught my attention for it`s beautiful detail, I liked the second for similar reasons - how about you?

  • cooleypooleycooleypooley


    Hey, Medollies!

    This quiz has been made to test your knowledge on the subject of animals.


    Have fun!

  • sparklewand12sparklewand12


    There are so many fab styles that I see on Stardoll everyday, and one individual who I always see looking utterly amazing is Kociara074:

  • The2gLaMsThe2gLaMs


    Welcome back to another stardoll make-over. I wanted to try something a bit different. For most of my videos I like to go for that soft natural look, but for this video I wanted to show you guys something different. I hope you like it and please leave a comment :)

  • Cherryminnie12Cherryminnie12


    Hello Dollies! I hope you love these fashion and oufit planning tips.


    1) When planning a glam outfit: Keep it simple and don't overdo it
    2) Use cute accessories to polish up your look
    3) Keep your makeup focused on either eyes or lips. Never both!
    4) Add a nice hairstyle ( loose bun or curly hair ) will finish it off.

    1) When designing an outfit: Choose any piece of clothing in your closet ( like,a blouse) 
    2) Add another piece ( of you chose a blouse add a pant or skirt )
    3) Now try finding a nice jacket that complements the outfit so far made
    4) Then go wild with accessories! Add shoes, bracelets, bags, necklaces...