Crazy for purple make-up tutorial

47 months ago

So today I am going to show you a crazy for purple make-up tutorial.

You will need:


Step 1:

Add the Cashmere Rose blush.


Step 2:

Add the Deep sea pink glitter lipstick. Only one layer.


Step 3:

Add the Blush pink lipstick round the edges of your lips. 1 layer.

Step 4:

Add the Black eye kohl.


Step 5:

Add the Violet eye pencil.


Step 6:

Add the Spring dusk mascara.


Step 7:

Add the Pretty in pink eye dust. 1 layer.


Step 8:

Add the Lavender eye shadow. 2 layers.


Step 9:

Add the Deep Orchid eye shadow. 2 layers.


Step 10:

Add some hair:

And TA DA! Your finished! 


Leave me your opinions in the comments because I'd love to hear from you guys.