What is a Superstar Membership?

Superstar Membership is a paid membership and includes the following:

• Selling items in StarBazaar
• Earning 90 Starcoins per day
• 12 rooms - Before you become Superstar you start with only 2 rooms. Becoming a Superstar unlocks an extra 10 rooms.
• Access to Superstar eyes and hair
• Buying gifts to friends
• Creating Parties
• 100 pages in Album and 100 Sceneries
• Being able to own 3 Clubs
• Recycle more items and even earn Stardollars for that
• Playing with Superstar Dressups
• Presentation

To get a Superstar Membership click on "More Stardollars" under the Avastar and then Superstar & Stardollars. On the payment page choose different methods of buying Stardollars and/or Superstar membership. With a Superstar membership you can choose to buy either more time on your Superstar membership or only Stardollars.
Stardollars must be purchased with “real” money.

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