• Callie.Stardoll

    Hi Stardolls, Well that was amazing! hope you enjoyed the chat with Lemonade Mouth as much as I did. Sadly, the gang have to leave now. Thanks for tuning in!

    Callie.Stardoll43 months ago
  • CandyLilyMay

    Hi!! What job did you all want to have when you were children?

    CandyLilyMay43 months ago
  • FunChicken23456

    hey,i love bridget mendler!! this question is for all of do you feel filming with other disney stars?
    please pick my question.thanks xx

    FunChicken2345643 months ago
  • Carly_H

    Hi guys, Do you like London and have you guys been here before? What are your plans while you are here?

    Carly_H43 months ago
  • Callie.Stardoll

    Lemonade Mouth premieres on Disney Channel UK and Disney Channel HD on September 16th at 6pm, the DVD is out September 26th. Check out
    Lemonade Mouth soundtrack, featuring hit track ‘Determinate’ is out now!

    Callie.Stardoll43 months ago
  • 66822732 DEL

    which one in the band is the most shy??

    66822732 DEL43 months ago